Strona główna Konkursy i sondy Contest 1/2011 - "I, hovawart"

Contest 1/2011 - "I, hovawart"

for the best picture in a photo contest "I, hovawart"!

We are inviting you to have fun with us! Among the pictures pick 3 which you like the most and best reflect the nature of hovawart. Then click on the link below and vote in the survey. You can only vote up to 4th of December. The next day we will publish the results.

Official sponsor of the contest is the company ROYAL CANIN, which has funded awards for three winners: backpacks and bowls.

Link to voting:

So lets start!



W kartach tylko farciarze wyciągają jockera. Ale hovawarciarze chyba też nie narzekają na JOCKERA Hovki Lusi? Dziś dołączył do grona naszych reproduktorów.